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A Better Lip Balm was birthed after trying several lip balms that did not keep my lips moisturized.  A Better Body Butter was birthed by way of my youngest Grandson, Kayson who had a tough case of eczema at a young age the products prescribed to him by medical & hospital staff did not prevent outbreaks nor did they prevent the itchy symptoms he experienced daily. In fact, the eczema creams prescribed to him had foreign products that I did not want in his system and that is when A Better Body Butter was birthed.  My Grandson has not had an eczema outbreak since using A Better Body Butter.  The success of my body butter and lip balm energized me to seek out other products I could research and create myself to eliminate the added chemicals in my body. I then started creating A Better Face Wash, A Better Body Deodorant, grinding and selling Sea Moss, Burdock, and Bladderwrack capsules, and coming soon A Better Toothpaste.

When life throws you off track steal away and rest in Yah's Word. In our videos we use our heavenly Father's authentic name Yahuah (Yah) instead of God, please feel free to recite what you are most comfortable saying.


The mission of The Earth Connect is to help transition as many people from products with added chemical to a better option, natural product that Yahuah meant for our body.

I can do all this through Yahuah who gives me strength!

- Philippians 4:13

Meet Marsha

Shalom! I’m Marsha. I’m so glad to see you. Who I am? Let’s see. I am a proud native of Oklahoma where I have lived my entire life. I’ve worked as a Supervisor with Cox Business since 1983 to the present day. I am a mother to my daughter, Maresha (her name is like mine with an extra “e’ in the middle), grandmother to Kameron and Kayson. 

The Earth Connect was birthed a decade ago as I began to notice the many chemicals added to basic, everyday cosmetics. This inspired me to explore natural altnernatives in order to use chemical-free products.

My Garden Experience

I started gardening as a hobby in 2020 and fell in love with it and grew some amazing products that I’ve enjoyed year over year.  Now I am entering my fourth gardening year, and I am going to take you on the journey as I grow in 2023.   As a result of my love for growing my own food, I started a one product seasonal seasoning called A Better Seasoning Blend from herbs grown in my garden.

Some of My Harvest

Did You Know?

  1. Okra is also known as lady's finger, bhindi, gumbo, and ochro in different parts of the world.
  2. The seeds of okra can be roasted and ground to make a caffeine-free coffee substitute.
  3. Okra is also used in cosmetic products due to its moisturizing properties.



Did You Know?

  1. Potatoes originated in the Andes Mountains of South America, particularly in present-day Peru and Bolivia.
  2. In 1995, the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space. NASA and the University of Wisconsin-Madison successfully grew potatoes aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.
  3. The largest potato ever recorded weighed 18 pounds and 4 ounces (8.27 kilograms). It was grown in the United Kingdom in 1795.



Did You Know?

  1. Bell peppers belong to the Capsicum family, which includes other peppers such as chili peppers and jalapeños. Despite their similar appearance, bell peppers have a mild, sweet flavor compared to their spicier counterparts.
  2. Bell peppers are packed with essential nutrients. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, and they also provide vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate, and dietary fiber. Bell peppers are low in calories, making them a nutritious addition to a balanced diet.


Did You Know?

  1. Sunflowers are known for their ability to turn their heads to follow the movement of the sun throughout the day, a behavior called heliotropism.
  2. The tallest sunflower on record measured 30 feet and 1 inch tall, grown in Germany in 2014.
  3. Sunflowers have been used for medicinal purposes, such as treating respiratory ailments and reducing inflammation.



Did You Know?

  1. Onions have been cultivated for thousands of years and are believed to have originated in central Asia. They were highly regarded by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, who even used them as currency.
  2. When you cut into an onion, it releases a compound called syn-propanethial-S-oxide. This compound irritates the eyes and triggers tears. To minimize tears while chopping onions, chilling them in the refrigerator or cutting them near running water can help.



Did You Know?

  1. Zucchini belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, which includes other members such as cucumbers, pumpkins, and melons. These plants are known for their trailing vines and edible fruits.
  2. Despite being commonly referred to as a vegetable, zucchini is actually a fruit. Botanically, it is considered a type of summer squash, characterized by its soft, edible skin and tender flesh.


Did You Know?

  1. The recommended daily serving of vegetables varies by age, gender, and physical activity level, but generally ranges from 2-3 cups for adults.
  2. Some vegetables, such as eggplant and zucchini, are technically fruits because they come from the ovary of a flower.
  3. Eating a variety of colorful vegetables, such as red peppers, purple eggplant, and orange carrots, ensures a diverse range of nutrients in your diet.



Did You Know?

  1. Tomatoes are botanically classified as fruits since they develop from the ovary of a flowering plant and contain seeds. However, they are often considered vegetables in culinary contexts due to their savory flavor and common use in savory dishes.
  2. Tomatoes were once known as "love apples." This term came about in the 16th century when tomatoes were brought to Europe. Some people believed that tomatoes had aphrodisiac properties and were associated with love and passion.



Better Body Butter

Let our delicate Whipped Crème transform into a deliciously soothing oil as it touches your skin and penitrates inside that maintains moister for hours. Blended with raw, unrefined coconut oil and rich shea, mango Kukom butters and other essential oils, it is designed to nourish and heal all skin types. Enjoy the fresh essential oils that are added to each handcrafted batch to leave your skin both moisturized and smelling truly appetizing.


A Better Full Body Wash

Your skin is important and applying unnatural products to it is a tragedy, go natural with my face wash and mask combo that is an excellent deep pore facial cleaner, draws out impurities, balances skin tone, removes excess debris build-up and dirt from pores or skin exposed to environmental toxins. My face wash can be used as a body wash as well.

No Harsh Ingredients. No Deceiving Labeling Claims. No Harmful Chemicals.

  • Earth Connect's mission is to make the world a better place by helping people improve their health through the use of natural health and wellness products. Our holistic line of body butter products, facial cleansers, and much more are made with top-quality ingredients that are both good for you and the earth.

  • With our product line, we are committed to offering products that are safe for your health and the environment. We use only the finest ingredients to insure that nothing but the highest quality ingredients go into our products.